Farrag – Sunny is a Beaten Man Already

Farrag – Sunny is a Beaten Man Already

Ryan Farrag believes the conduct of Sunny Edwards and his brother Charlie suggest victory – and the WBO European super-flyweight title – is already his.

The Edwards brothers both had plenty to say to Liverpool’s Farrag at Thursday’s weigh-in and the challenger was quick to claim a psychological edge ahead of Friday’s clash at York Hall – live on BoxNation.

Farrag said: “Sunny might be able to do what he wants to do what he wants to do for two or three rounds but then it’s all going to be my fight after that.

“I can see that I’ve won the fight already before I’ve even got in the ring. I’ve been where he is before – a champion defending a title. I know what the pressure’s like but he’s let his emotions get the better of him. I’m going to control him and then hurt him.

“That there was Charlie protecting his little brother because he needs protecting. They’re not confident in Sunny’s ability. I tried to get the Charlie fight a couple of years ago and he didn’t want it. He’s never said a peep to me so I was quite shocked he piped up today.

“I’ll shake Sunny’s hand after the fight because I’m a true sportsman. If he wants to make it like this, I’ll go with him on that but afterwards I’ll shake his hand like a gentleman.”

A stellar line-up also sees world-ranked welterweight Michael McKinson take on local hero Sam McNess, Cuban starlet Neslan Machado bid for a WBA ranking title, the unbeaten Johnny Coyle face Arvydas Trizno and much more.

Source: MTK Global

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