MMA Fighter of the Week: Ross “The Hitman” Houston

MMA Fighter of the Week: Ross “The Hitman” Houston

By Kieran Cobley 

This weeks FOTW is awarded to Ross “The Hitman” Houston following his epic win against Stefano Paterno at Cage Warriors 98 on Saturday, where he captured the welterweight title.

“The Hitman” and the Italian fighter went hell for leather for all five rounds, with Paterno showing he wasn’t going to give up his welterweight title without one hell of a fight, whilst Houston displayed his renowned grit and determination.

The fight itself saw several changes in momentum, with Paterno taking the first round, whilst Houston came back strong in the second and third rounds, landing some cracking strikes, as well as being dominant in the grappling.

It was the fourth round though that saw the biggest swing in momentum though, as Paterno almost finished Houston with a huge right hand, and then following up with some good ground and pound.

But the referee didn’t panic and gave Houston ample time to defend himself, and the Scotsman regained his composure enough to get back to his feet and see out the round.


Going into the fifth and final round it was clear that the winner of this round would take the fight, and both men knew this.

Both landed fantastic shots, and had great spells in the grappling exchanges too, trading shots and positions throughout the five minutes.

In the end, Houston did just enough to get a split decision victory, improving his record to 8-0 and realising his dream of becoming the new Cage Warriors welterweight champion.

Honourable mentions this week are awarded to Dean Trueman for his performance against Lewis Monarch, Aiden Lee for his first round submission win over Paull McBain, and Alex Lohore for his dominant TKO victory of Sam Boult in his Cage Warriors debut.

Who was your fighter of the week? Let me know on Twitter by tweeting me @Cobleyreporting.



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