Corcoran & Garton: Blood & Guts For The British Title

Corcoran & Garton: Blood & Guts For The British Title

In an era where there are far too many meaningless titles in boxing, the British title isn’t one of them. Last night in Brentwood, Gary Corcoran and Johnny Garton gave everything and maybe a little more when they fought for the vacant British welterweight title. Nobbins, the old-fashioned way of appreciation for a good fight, was the only thing this brutal, savage and bloody fight lacked.

For John Conteh, the former world light heavyweight champion, who was seated ringside it must have brought back memories of his titanic first meeting with Chris Finnegan all those years ago.

For much of the contest victory seemed agonisingly in reach for Corcoran, in his second attempt to win the British title, and, as in the previous tilt against Liam Williams in 2016, his challenge ended in the 11th round. It was the sort of fight that a piece of each fighter is left behind in the ring, both deserve a long rest after an unforgettable contest.


The early part of the contest was marred by the disgraceful scenes outside of the ring, as a minority of fans decided they wanted to spoil the evening for the majority. But thankfully, once the idiotic few had eventually calmed down, all the attention returned to the absorbing contest that they should have been watching all along.

Corcoran started to wilt late in the fight as Garton his face covered in blood, started to turn the flow of the fight in his favour and the stoppage in the 11th was well timed, even though Corcoran bitterly disputed the stoppage, spitting defiance to the end.

Garton had wondered if he was good enough to fight for a domestic title, now he knows he is.

Garton improves his record 23-1-1, Corcoran drops to 18-3.


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