Roye Rejoices as MTK Manchester Upgrades to New Gym

Roye Rejoices as MTK Manchester Upgrades to New Gym

Johnney Roye has moved the MTK Manchester gym to a fantastic facility in an old school building in Preston with improved access for nearby schools and the local community.

The new gym – located at The Presbytery, Lostock Hall, 17a Brownedge Rd, Lostock Hall, Preston PR5 5AA – will open on November 1 and Roye is delighted by the prospect of increased access for young fighters.

Roye said: “I’m absolutely made up. This is the first time we’ve been able to achieve a position between various estates and schools in order to serve the community better. The passing trade is going to take off.

“There are so many improvements because of the size of the building. There will be women’s-only boxing classes and our mini-Mayweather classes for the youngsters, who will now be starting at just five years of age rather than the previous starting age of 10.

“This area we live in is full of talent and there are so many kids in our surrounding area who do not have enough to do because of the closure of various youth clubs in the area. This will be vital for them.

“With this move, we’ll see an increase in the amounts of students with kids from all kinds of backgrounds. There’ll be some real talent coming through. We’ve been doing really well but now we’re going to be doing even better.

“Under the banner of MTK Global, we’re going to be a lot more productive in the community, helping people and achieve better results because of it.”

Roye himself – a former British, European, Commonwealth and world kickboxing champion – began boxing at the age of seven at Sale ABC.

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About MTK Global

MTK Global is the world’s foremost fighter management company. Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, it was founded in September 2012 by two-time European boxing champion, Matthew Macklin.

MTK Global delivers a wide range of support and services including career development, legal, media, endorsements and sponsorships to more than a hundred professional fighters. It provides boxing shows, events and training gyms in various locations worldwide: Marbella, Spain, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Newcastle, United Kingdom, Johannesburg, South Africa, Sta. Catarina, Brasil and Sydney, Australia.

Source: MTK Global Press Release


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