Interview With Cage Warriors Prospect Cory McKenna

Interview With Cage Warriors Prospect Cory McKenna.

Cory McKenna is a 2-0 Cage Warriors fighter, and very big things are expected of her. Just this Saturday in Antwerp at Cage Warriors 94, Cory got her 2nd win as a professional defeating the tough Eva Dourthe via split decision.


Fightpost: How did you first get into MMA .

Cory: I began karate at roughly 10 years of age in search of an extracurricular activity and, after branching into the other disciplines, I decided I wanted to put them all together – so I moved to BKK Fighters at 13.

Fightpost: On average how many hours a day do you spend training, and what’s a typical day for you in the gym.

Cory: I train full-time, meaning that I get a few sessions in every day. My training days vary as there are so many aspects to fit in – what with each discipline and also my conditioning work too.

Fightpost: Weight making is a big issue in the sport at the moment, what’s your thoughts on it.

Cory: Love it or hate it, it’s a part of the sport. I was always told that as a fighter you have 2 jobs – make-weight and fight; if you can’t do the first, you don’t get to do the second. Simple. You, as a fighter, choose to weight cut or not and I think it is something that really sets apart those who approach their fights with professionalism.

Fightpost: You got your 2nd win at the weekend in Antwerp, how do you think the fight went.

Cory: I’m ever my biggest critic; I’m unhappy with my performance and I have a lot to work on but I also have a lot of positives to take away from the evening. Eva is, in my opinion, the toughest girl in Europe – with a very solid background in martial arts. It was a very good test with a lot of lessons to be learnt – exactly what I’m looking for each fight!


Fightpost: Were you confident you would get the decision.

Cory: I thought I had done enough to get the decision, yes, but I never like to leave it in the hands of anyone else. My corner were confident and having watched the fight back with them, I think there is little doubt.

Fightpost: Having that sort of fight I think will be of great benefit going forward, having to overcome adversity to get the win.

Cory: Yeah, Eva is a skilled opponent and had clearly planned well for the fight – if anything I’m glad to have had the opportunity to show that I have the heart and mentality of a fighter; I will never give in.


Fightpost: When do you think you will fighting next and do you have any opponent in mind.

Cory: There’s a Welsh card towards the end of the year that I have an eye on, I’ll be straight back in the gym working on my game and wait on the word of my manager – he knows best.

Fightpost: When do you think you will be ready for a Cage Warriors title fight.

Cory: As I said, I think I’ve just fought the best girl in Europe – as soon as they’re ready to put that strap on the line, I’ll take it.

Fightpost: Cage Warriors has a history of sending fighters to the UFC, presumably that’s your aim further down the line.

Cory: All I want is to keep testing myself and fighting the best fights available – Cage Warriors are a great platform to do so and I am very appreciative of the opportunities they give me.

Fightpost: What one thing would you change in MMA.

Cory: Nothing, I love the entire process of fighting.

Fightpost: Thank you so much for doing the interview, and good luck going forward.


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