For The Purpose Of Glory – Selby vs Warrington

For The Purpose Of Glory – Selby vs Warrington

By  Connor Hutton


Marching On Together. Echoed amongst the Leeds faithful, it is usually a football match where this chant can be heard, yet this same anthem will be blasted around Elland Road for something different on May 5th.

It will not be a normal occasion though, this is hometown hero Josh Warrington’s first taste of World title action, and it’s against none other IBF Featherweight Champion Lee Selby.

Selby will be taking his strap into the lion’s den at the home of Leeds United Football Club. 38,000 fans will be packed in with the overwhelming majority behind their home man Warrington. It is a fight that has been brewing for a long while now, but when Warrington elevated himself into that IBF mandatory spot back in 2017 it was one that would soon become a reality.

The feud stretches back to when both men where on the books of Matchroom. Selby had already won the British, Commonwealth and European titles and vacated them. He then picked up the IBF strap in May 2015. Warrington was plodding on behind him winning all the titles Selby used to have. With these two being the same weight in the same stable, talk was always going to start but for one reason or another, the fight didn’t happen. Fast forward to 2018 both men have now moved over to Queensbury Promotions and it’s finally on. Something Frank Warren should also be credited for.


Since winning the IBF Title three years ago, through no fault of his own, Selby has been relatively inactive for a World champion. Having only five fights in that period. Due to injury issues with opponents, and even a devastating last minute pull out before his Vegas debut, Selby has not been able to gain much momentum. ‘The Welsh Mayweather’ has always impressed during his career, being one of the most technically gifted British fighters out there.

He will need to be at his best if he is to outbox his domestic rival.

Warrington has excelled so far, he’s a fighter that boasts one of the biggest fan bases in the country, although he hasn’t been able to escape the shadow of Selby since they were first mentioned together. The Yorkshire crowd have been sold on their man ever since he turned professional, and he isn’t new to headlining shows. Elland Road will be rocking on the night and it will be a huge advantage that Warrington will need, this is a fight where he is outclassed in natural skill but he makes up for that with notable hard work.

Both men aren’t known for their raw knockout power, with only 15 stoppages in 52 fights combined between the pair, it is highly likely that this will go the full twelve rounds. Something that they are known for though is their boxing ability, so if you want to see two men trying to hit and not get hit then this is the fight for you.

It’s a tough fight to predict. Selby will be the favourite. He has a better resume and is technically excellent, but Warrington isn’t a pushover, he will give 100% and with a huge crowd behind him, that could be a game changer which sways the judges in close rounds. Warren must be counting his lucky stars that these two signed for him, because it’s one of the best domestic World Title fights around right now.

All eyes are on Leeds. After years of calling each other out, these two professionals will finally enter the squared circle, shedding the blood, sweat and tears for the purpose of glory. They may March In Together back and forth for 12 rounds, but only one man will march back to the locker room as the champion.

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