Gustafsson and Rockhold Set For Interim Title

Gustafsson and Rockhold Set For Interim Title:

If Michael Bisping is right, moves are being made for Alexander Gustafsson and Luke Rockhold to fight for the Interim light heavyweight title.

Of course nothing is confirmed as yet, but it does raise yet again issues with the current thought process and matchmaking within the UFC, if these reports are indeed true.

Why is there a need for an Interim belt, we have a champion in Daniel Cormier, and while I accept Cormier is challenging Stipe Miocic in July for his UFC heavyweight title, do we really need another pointless Interim title. Why can’t the UFC just wait until after that fight at UFC 226 to decide their next move.

I have always said you need credibility in your ranking system and to award someone who is a middleweight and has fought his entire UFC career as such and is coming off a defeat with an Interim title fight, that credibility is lost.

Gustafsson and Rockhold is a good fight, and Rockhold needs to move up for a variety of reasons, but it doesn’t need or more importantly warrant a title tag added to it.


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